Written by: Ermat

In a live broadcast on January 27, Mr. Guo Wengui said that more than 50 countries want to evacuate their embassies in Beijing, and that more than 100 international financial organizations are beginning to study how to cooperate with the United States in sanctioning senior Communist Party officials and seizing their overseas assets.

I never thought the “Sweet Honey Campaign” would come so quickly. Now nearly 50 countries want to evacuate their embassies in Beijing. How many countries are there in the world? When the Soviet Union hosted the Olympics, there were only 49 countries involved. The Communist Party now wants to call people daddy. The real Chinese Communist Party, whenever it sees a foreigner, as long as their skin looks different from his, they think it is more important than us.

A Pakistani diplomat said, “The song “Sweet Honey” is so beautiful.  We are going to withdraw immediately, and it is the custom of Muslims not to have their pants pulled down, let alone have their anus inserted. But the Chinese Foreign Ministry immediately said, “The money for your military port investment is in place, you think about it, the president must come, we can give more. “ The Chinese Communist Foreign Ministry privately made deals and promises with money. That is really shameless and despicable to the extreme. I can tell you that no Chinese person has reason to believe that the Chinese Foreign Ministry has dignity in the world, it never has.

It was only in 1979, when diplomacy was restored between China and the United States and an embassy was built. Then the Chinese Communist Party legally kicked Taiwan out of the United Nations. This authorized withdrawal by the United States is definitely not a severance of diplomatic relations, nor is it a break in diplomatic relations. This decision has nothing to do with bipartisanship. It is the decision of the American people. Always remember this is not political, it is decided by U.S. national security considerations. I repeat, the United States has never stopped trying to take out these dictatorships for twenty years, and it has nothing to do with any president or party.

Let me tell you one more piece of good news today. Yesterday afternoon, at least a hundred international financial institutions and three dozen major international public interest institutions began to study how to cooperate with the United States in sanctioning senior Chinese Communist officials and seizing their overseas assets. This step is very important. Once announced, cutting off diplomacy is to draw your sinews, while seizing assets is to bleed you.


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