Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – Wengengen

On January 21, the chief epidemiologist named Wu ZunYou of the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) CDC said that Omicron strain was highly contagious and could be contracted with or without the COVID vaccination.

He cited the Tianjin outbreak as an example. 107 cases of the CCP virus were announced in Tianjin on January 12, 2022. Only 1 infected person is not vaccinated and all the rest have been vaccinated, with 32 persons even completed the booster shots. The vaccine has a very limited effect in preventing infection. Wu Zunyou also admitted that the so-called “herd immunity” based on historical experience and science was no longer effective in the CCP virus pandemic, and there was no good way to stop. The fact that China is with one of the highest vaccination rates in the world does not mean that the country can open its doors.

Mr. Mile Guo has repeatedly stressed that the CCP virus is a biochemical weapon created by the CCP since two years ago, and the toxic vaccine is the killer tool to further control the world. Without the traceability of the virus, there will be no real vaccines and only vaccine disasters. The CCP has been deceiving and blaming others for the CCP virus, but the CCP’s own data and Wu Zunyou’s claims undoubtedly confirm Mr. Gun’s warnings.


Proofread/posted by: Mr. Potato

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