1. On January 25, Shenyang, Liaoning Province reported new confirmed cases of Covid-19. Using the spread of the pandemic as an excuse, the CCP government has continued to expand the state of military control over various provinces.
  2. January 25, Baoding, Hebei. The local government has reported a confirmed case of Covid-19.
  3. On January 25, Dongning City, Heilongjiang implemented a city-wide lockdown, and the highway intersections were controlled and could only be entered but not exited.
  4. January 26, Beijing. Entering Beijing requires a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 24 hours. The police will set up checkpoints at each intersection and board vehicles for inspection.
  5. On January 25, Shenzhen Railway Station was at peak traffic during Spring Festival, when migrants are returning home in vast numbers. At the station travellers had to go through strict checks at various levels.
  6. On January 26, the Biden administration had officially notified Beijing that it would authorize the withdrawal of the United States of America embassy staff in Beijing from now on. Immediately, the CCP government released propaganda to brainwash the people, intending to continue to provoke and use the nationalist sentiments of mainland China to act as a shield.
  7. After the incident on the 22nd, a passenger was caught by a subway partition door and died. On January 25, the Shanghai subway was again photographed with passengers stuck between the compartment door and the partition door.
  8. On January 24, the Children’s Oncology Department of Shandong Cancer Hospital. As the Spring Festival approaches, there are still many child patients from all over the country seeking treatment. What is the reason for the spread of cancer in communist China?
  9. Wuhan, Hubei. The young man stated that he had spent the savings of three generations of his grandparents, his parents and himself on a house which had  been left in an unfinished state for a year. Property developers fail to meet their obligations, and owners have nowhere to assert their rights.

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