Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – Wengengen

A video posted on Gettr shows tens of thousands of people marched for a rally against vaccine mandates in Washington D.C. on January 23. In this video, Dr. Pierre Kory strongly criticizes drug companies for putting profit ahead of human life. Dr. Kory says that people have been fighting against the major pharmaceutical companies for a decade now. The human cost has been so great that this battle has grown into a crime against humanity.

Dr. Kory also says that during the CCP virus pandemic, every policy issued by many national health agencies is controlled by the largest pharmaceutical companies. The information about safe, effective, and wildly available drugs that could treat the CCP virus has been suppressed for up to two years, and this is a war on the repurposing of existing drugs.

Dr. Kory emphasizes that the pharmaceutical companies are killing humanity with censorship and propaganda, and that many of his fellow physicians have been brainwashed into believing that there is no treatment for the CCP virus. The pharmaceutical companies are inciting the public to endlessly vaccinate against the CCP virus. He warns that this must stop immediately.

The U.S. Supreme Court stopped mandatory vaccinations for the general population, but required mandatory vaccinations for healthcare workers. As a result, more healthcare workers will come forward to expose information and actively defy the mandates. 


Proofread/posted by: Mr. Potato

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