I, Guo Wengui, also known as Miles Guo, have been working hard to take down the CCP for the past five years. We strive to bring a democratic and legal system to China where each person gets one-vote to elect the Government. We committ to use our personal experiences and devote ourselves to exposing the CCP’s genocide in Xinjiang and Tibet, as well as the serious human rights violations occuring in Hong Kong at the time.

Four or five years ago, I warned the West that the Chinese Communist Party had planned and organized a significant attack on the Western civilized world including its democratic and legal systems and would use both chemical and biochemical viruses. I warned that the darkness was coming to the world. This was a battle between totalitarianism and democracy with the rule of law, the pursuit of freedom, religion, and human liberties.  At the same time, I warned the West in December 2019, and also before the Hong Kong movement in May 2019. We warned the West that the Chinese Communist Party and the totalitarian regime of Xi Jinping and Wang Qishan wanted to lead and conquer the world, they would attempt to release chemical and biological weapons in Hong Kong and the rest of the world.

We were the first to point out in our live broadcast in January 2020 that the Hong Kong movement in essence marked the beginning of the CCP’s challenge to the world’s rule of law and civilization and that the CCP was likely to use biochemical weapons for this purpose.

In February 2020, we announced to the world that according to our knowledge of and personal experience with the CCP and based on the intelligence provided by the countless whistle-blowers and fellow fighters risking their lives from within the CCP. We announced to the world that the so-called coronavirus that led to the outbreak of COVID-19 in 2019 is a biological weapon released by the Chinese Communist Party. Its main objective was not the release of the virus itself but its continued use in order to push forward the vaccination policy.  The vaccines are the real disaster it had intended for the world.

When coronavirus broke out in 2019, the CCP purchased an enormous supply of PPE, masks and other medical equipment. This prevented other Governments from accessing the necessary PPE for their citizens causing harm and death. This was the second premeditated massacre targeting COVID-19 victims. Further, we have provided vast amounts of information and intelligence over the past five years.  This has enabled Governments across the world to have obtained a great deal of evidence demonstrating that the CCP has established intelligence networks around the world, infiltrated and damaged various sectors in the West, including the economy and the internet,  without regard to agreements between countries, UN conventions, and the rules and regulations of different countries.

When we announced to the world that the de facto boss of Hainan Airlines was the then director of the Commission for Disciplinary Inspection of the Central Committee of the CCP, the second most powerful man in China. The vice president of China Wang Qishan was granted a life tenure after the amendment of the constitution, he was the true mastermind. Afterwards, we further exposed the infiltrations into the economy and other sectors of western countries by Jack Ma of Alibaba and many other Chinese enterprises masquerading as private companies.

Looking back on the past five years, the people of the New Federal State of China have established secret, secure and trustworthy relationships with governments around the world, as well as various non-profit and human rights organizations. Considering how enormous the CCP’s evil power is and how deeply the CCP has infiltrated the world, when we cooperate with governments of various countries, we must avoid confrontations and take into account all the factors, including  the security of our cooperating parties, the confidentiality of information and intelligence, and the personal security of relevant people.  We never expect to obtain any fame, interests, participate in any politics as a result of any of our actions in this unprecedented and righteous movement to eliminate the CCP.

In 2020, I am very honored to establish the New Federal State of China on June 4th in New York with our Chinese football hero Mr Hao Haidong, world champion Ms. Ye Zhaoying and Mr. Steve Bannon of the United States. As well as hundreds of millions of fellow fighters, compatriots and supporters of the New Federal State of China around the world.  We have since won the support of many national level organizations.

After June 4, 2020, we have worked closely with governments of various countries in accordance with the law and strategicaly adopted various methods to provide true and accurate information regarding the Chinese Communist Party’s genocide in Xinjiang, coronavirus bio weapons, vaccines in cooperation of the world’s dark forces, including the harm done to the people of the new Federal State of China, the human rights violations of millions of fellow fighters in China, as well as the continued human rights abuses in Hong Kong.

We are respected by many national level organizations in the world, and many countries are discussing the recognition of the New Federal State of China and its declaration. The New Federal State of China Declaration clearly states the relationship between human rights, the rule of law, the freedom of religion and nature. However the final decision will be made by every Chinese person each with one vote, without the Chinese Communist Party. Today, January 25th, 2022,  we are about to face the CCP obtaining the right to host the so-called Beijing Winter Olympics through illegitimate means, after years of worldwide infiltration, genocide towards Chinese people, and dangerous actions on the world economy, politics, and military.

At this moment, China is shrouded in darkness.

The Chinese people are locked at home by the CCP’s centralized power using the excuse of PCR testing and numerous so-called political reasons. Just like the concealed death toll of Wuhan’s lockdown and Zhengzhou’s floods last year, they are secretly preparing for another human disaster in cities such as Xi’an and Beijing. The CCP failed to disclose the real origin of the coronavirus and refused to cooperate with the world in its investigation. At the same time, it coerced people from all over the world to travel tens of thousands of miles to China to whitewash their totalitarian regime.

While Beijing residents are not even allowed to leave their home and don’t have freedom to purchase groceris, they (the CCP) are planning to hold a global Winter Olympics.  Moreover, with absolutely no environmental protection protocols, no natural conditions and not even snow, they are holding the so-called Olympics without freedom of speech and personal freedoms. 

Just like Hitler’s Summer Olympics of 1935, and the Soviet (Moscow) Olympics in 1980. This is bound to be the greatest insult and ugliness to the pure Olympic spirit in human history. Therefore, the damages it brings to the Chinese people and the extent of human rights violations are immeasurable.

The International Olympic Committee has betrayed the Olympic spirit and their founding principles. As the New Federal State of China, which has only been founded in the United States over a year ago.  We support a political system where each person gets one vote to decide the Government.  I, and many of our fighters who risked their lives, have been fighting to prevent the Communist Party of China from committing the same evil work the former Soviet Union and Hilter did between 1935 and 1945. The Olympic Games of 1935 was boycotted by the Jews who were victims of the Holocaust.

We do not want to see the same history repeat itself in China. We will fight until the end to stop those in power who will attempt to rationalize and promote a so-called favorable political atomposhere to persecute the ethic groups in Xinjiang, Tibet and the people of Hong Kong with the ultimate goal of invading Taiwan causing millions of casualties. Therefore, we will make the utmost effort to stop the Winter Olympics Games from being held in Beijing in 2022.

Today, on behalf of the people of the New Federal State  of China, I am very honored. We have seen the fruits of our labor. After the official boycott by the U.S. government and other  governments around the world, we have influenced many countries and governments through various media and third party cooperation. Through justice, democracy, the rule of law, friends of the Chinese people, and those who truly care about democracy and liberty for the Chinese people. They have taken a series of actions.

We learned that the very important decision has just been made by President Biden and Mr. Blinken, as well as many other people in the US and around the world who respect democracy and the rule of law to boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics, to defend  human rights and the rule of law. The U.S. government has officially notified the Beijing government that it has authorized the evacuation of the U.S. embassy in Beijing, effective immediately. We very much welcome the important decision made by Mr. Biden and Mr. Blinken, which is a huge help and critical  to the boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics, to finding the truth about COVID-19, to stopping the vaccine catastrophe, stopping the Xinjiang genocide and stopping all kinds of ongoing humanitarian catastrophes in the world.

This is a triumph for the New federal State of China and for the people of the world who value the rule of law and defend human rights. We thank Mr. Blinken for such wisdom and Mr. Biden, the President of the United States, for making this great decision that history will prove that he has done more to humanity and the defense of human rights than any other American president.

The Heavens and God will bless you all. People around the world will thank you. I, Guo Wengui, also known as Miles GUO, on behalf of the people of the New Federal State of China, express my heartfelt gratitude to President Biden, Mr. Blinken and the American people. We will always fight with you until the elimination of the CCP who holds 1.4 billion Chinese people hostage and threatens the safety of humanity. We will establish a peaceful relationship with the US and the civilized societies in the world. Everything is just beginning! Thank you!