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Qin Gang, a Chinese Ambassador; has made some very absurd remarks during his time in United States. He alludes China’s relationship with “dancing with wolf”. The wolf is referring to United States, suggesting that U.S. is the source of all major problems in the world. Regarding Taiwan issue, he said U.S. ”should look in the mirrorH and refrain from calling the kettle black when it comes to warmongering. He also said Taiwan’ s pro-independence sentiments is the result of U.S. effort in sowing discord between China and Taiwan, and that U.S. is trying to profit from selling weapons to Taiwan. For Xinjiang human rights issue, Qin Gang said the way Chinese are treating the Uyghurs is the same as how Americans are treating the Chinese and blacks. Although the Uyghurs have been massacring the Han Chinese, the Han Chinese still see them as brothers and buddies. Qin Gang warned United States that Steve Bannon and Miles Guo are the cause of the two countries tensions, and these tensions will ultimately result in war. From these insulting words you can see Qin Gang has no respect for United States and is taking Americans for idiots.

Liu Yazhou, a retired CCP general, was captured along with 400+ of his men in an internal political struggle. He was last seen speaking to Wang Qishan and Zeng Qinghong. Wang Qishan tried to convince Xi to spare Liu Yazhou.

After Russia had received 100 billion dollars payment from China as promised, Putin is thinking of going back on his words regarding Winter Olympics. He may come up with excuses not to attend.

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