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This is a bit mystical, but it is true. Theoretical physics now says that our universe is a projection of the real world. How did this theory come about? It’s from some big guys who study quantum mechanics. The bald guy on top is 81 years old, named Leonard Susskind, a professor of theoretical physics at Stanford University, and one of the founders of String theory.

The one below is one of Hawking’s buddies, who specializes in black holes. He discovered that this whole universe we have now is a two-dimensional picture projected onto a three-dimensional situation, sort of like a slide show. The mathematical equivalent is that the information in three dimensions can be stored as a two-dimensional picture with the same resolution as the three-dimensional picture.

Another way to say this is that when an object is sucked inside a black hole, the “information” that exists on the object is equivalently saved on the surface of the black hole boundary.

From another point of view, in fact, the whole world of our universe can also be said to be a virtual or simulated, or not a completely 100% real thing. Including Musk, and many philosophers, mathematicians are trying to prove whether this world is an electronic computer simulation or not.

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