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According to [Maple Leaf News] reported on January 25, Mr. MilesGuo, the founder of [New Federal State of China], said in a live broadcast on GTV yesterday that during the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics, he would launch a campaign called the “Sweet Honey” in the center of Beijing’s Second Ring Road to take down de CCP.

But what everyone did not expect was that before the voice of “Sweet Honey” fell, Mr. MilesGuo officially announced to the world in an emergency live broadcast this morning: the US government will gradually withdraw and close its embassy in Beijing from now on. Thus opened the prelude of this major battle that will destroy the CCP from thousands of miles away.

MilesGuo’s wisdom and courage has been incisively and vividly displayed in the Whistleblower Revolution Movement in the past five years, which has made the CCP extremely fearful.As soon as this “Sweet Honey” campaign to destroy the CCP was announced, Xi Jinping instantly lost his mind and immediately blocked the download and playback of this song in China. The deterrent effect of the [New Federal State of China] on the CCP regime was once again demonstrated to the whole world.

While the CCP was trembling with fear, MilesGuo surprised the enemy and issued an ultimatum before the U.S. government that made the chief accelerator Xi Jinping panic to die.The “Sweet Honey Movement” not only clearly demonstrated to the world the lofty international status and strong justice power of the [New Federal State of China], but also sounded the death knell of the impending collapse of the CCP regime in China.

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