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According to a report by The Epoch Times on January 26, a Shanghai lady was sued for delays in the bank’s approval of a mortgage, and the court adjudicated her to compensate the seller nearly 4.85 million yuan. Netizens called her the “worst house buyer” in history.

It is reported that Ms. Wu planned to spend 15.5 million yuan to buy a commercial house in May last year. After the first payment of 7.45 million yuan, due to delays in bank loan approval, the final payment could not be paid within the time stipulated in the contract, and the seller took the case to court.

The court adjudicated Ms. Wu to pay a total of 4.8732 million yuan in liquidated damages and house renovation fees (3 million in liquidated damages, 1.8 million in decoration fees, and 73,200 in case acceptance fees) and asked Ms. Wu to move out of the house within 10 days after the judgment took effect, and compensated the seller with 4.846 million yuan.

For the verdict, Ms. Wu felt unreasonable and said that she would apply for a retrial. Ms. Wu said that the seller made nearly 8 million yuan because of this incident, including 3 million yuan due to the appreciation of the house, and we lost about 10 million yuan.

Photo from The Epoch Time

Ms. Wu also said that after the agreed time, the landlord and the agent were still urging the loan approval in the WeChat group, but after a batch of loans came down, they suddenly disappeared, and a few days later, Ms. Wu received an appeal from the seller, which was really strange.

After the incident was exposed, it sparked heated discussions among netizens. “The worst house buyer in Shanghai said that she lost more than 10 million yuan,” was pushed to the top of the hot search list on the 26th of January.

Some netizens said that the reason for the bank loan is uncontrollable, and it is not that the buyer deliberately defaulted. Some netizens also questioned whether the seller wanted to sell the house or take liquidated damages.

Most netizens are on Ms. Wu’s side, thinking that the delay in bank loan approval is an irresistible factor, and it’s too much to let Ms. Wu take the blame alone.

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