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According to a report by the Central News Agency on January 26, the Japanese government plans to give priority to the third shot for medical staff and the elderly, but the willingness of the public is not high, and the vaccination rate is low. Some medical staff have delayed vaccination due to concerns about the side effects of the COVID vaccine.

According to the report, the Japanese government recently planned to give priority to the vaccination of the third dose of the vaccine for medical staff and the elderly. From December last year to the end of January this year, it is estimated that about 14.7 million people will be vaccinated, including 5.76 million medical staff and the elderly over 65 years old. There are about 6.5 million elderly people and about 2.44 million people under the age of 64. However, according to the central government’s “Vaccination Record System” (VRS) record, as of January 23, only about 2.36 million people had completed the third dose, about 16.1% of the planned number of vaccinations.

Photo from Central News Agency

The report pointed out that some of the medical staff refused to receive the third dose due to concerns about side effects. Among them, a person from a hospital in Nara County said that because of concerns about side effects and the need to ensure medical strength, they did not step up the vaccination. The current progress of the third dose in Nara Prefecture is 10.7%.

Another senior care person said that many of the elderly who live in the hospital are suffering from dementia and other people who cannot confirm their own will. It takes time to explain and obtain consent from their family members. It is difficult to vaccinate these elderly people in advance.

In addition, the side effects caused by the COVID-19 vaccine have attracted attention. According to a video released by the media with the ID “@HimalayaJapan (連新社)” on the social media site GETTR, the increase of graphene hydroxide and other unknown components in the vaccine can cause blood clots and increase the risk of diseases such as illness and stroke, which can cause irreparable damage to the body.

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日本第3劑疫苗開打近2月 民間反應不佳進度僅16%


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