Jan. 26th, 2022

A nurse holds a Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in Southfield, Mich., on Nov. 5 2021. (Jeff Kowalsky/AFP via Getty Images)

According to a story by The Epoch Times on January 25th, 2022, it talks about the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced Tuesday 25th it will formally withdraw its Covid-19 vaccine mandate for private businesses with 100 or more employees on Wednesday 26th. The agency announced in the Federal Register that it will withdraw its rule, known as an emergency temporary standard (ETS), which required companies to make employees either get a Covid-19 vaccine or submit to weekly Covid-19 testing while wearing masks in the workplace.

The Supreme Court described OSHA’s rule as a “significant encroachment into the lives and health of a vast number of employees” across the country. “Although Congress has indisputably given OSHA the power to regulate occupational dangers, it has not given that agency the power to regulate public health more broadly,” the court ruled. At the same time, the Supreme Court upheld the vaccine mandate that applies to health care workers who were employed at Medicaid- or Medicare-funded facilities. Days later, a Texas federal judge halted the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for federal employees.

“Both the Supreme Court and the American people have spoken, and they have loudly said the Biden administration’s attempts at forcing this mandate on Americans and businesses are not only wrong but also unconstitutional,” said Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, in a Monday statement. Following the Supreme Court’s decision, Department of Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said he was disappointed in the court’s decision.

This is a huge success for common sense and goes to prove that peaceful demonstrations can actually work, the people complained, then protested, then won the argument. Now the administration will maybe think twice before trying to pressure the people into a ridiculously overbearing mandate that only favoured big pharma and certainly did nothing for the pro-choice members of the community. This is democracy in action and the power of the people should never be underestimated, this should have never happened in the first place and with the public pressure, it will hopefully never happen again.

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