Translated by: MOS Education team – Tony MG

Before you read this article, try searching for the keyword “Regret getting/taking vaccine” on Twitter or other social media to see how many people worldwide are suffering from vaccine side effects and regret believing the government.

Since July 2021, Thousands of individuals across social media have come out expressing regret over taking the COVID vaccine. Someone said they would never accept the second dose, and someone “regret taking the vaccine because the side effects have refused to wear off.”

In addition, some people think that the government causes all this. “I regret getting the vaccine. I was lied to by my government. I was told that if I got the vaccine, I would not be able to spread the virus, and that is a big fat lie, and I would have never gotten the vaccine.”, someone posted, and it resonated with many netizens.

@TinaxDez said “I thought I was getting back to 100% but clearly not. Do I regret taking the vaccine? Yes, and fuck you if you think that’s wrong”.
@tahoesharie said “I regret taking the vaccine, especially since people are getting sick after getting it anyway”.

@RivvaRat said “I regret taking the vaccine every day. I feared that a doctor wouldn’t treat me if I got sick because I wasn’t vaccinated. I have been sick everyday since the vaccine. I can’t eat eggs now and my lymph nodes are so swollen and painful after over a month that I can barely sleep”.
@zukiiswa_gwija said “I regret taking the vaccine. These side effects I’m experiencing? abdominal pains, chest pains, headaches, shortness of breath, this weird skin irritation, fever, diarrhea?! Yeah no, I’m in hell.”

@Cecilia97N said “The fact that I nearly died in the night, today I decided to go to my home village and tell my ancestors to excuse my life n I regret taking the vaccine”.
@VisctStrauss said “I got J&J was bed-bound for 2 days, felt like I had Malaria, I regret taking the vaccine.”
@pabloes75859097 said “More people especially young once died from FLU than COVID, but we never saw the damn need of a vacation or ever trying to get vaccines for it. The way they are insisting and scaring people about covid is obviously questionable big time. I regret taking the vaccine.”

@Longisland_wx said “I know the change is low but if complications arise in the coming years… America will collapse in on itself, absolute war. I regret taking the vaccine but I did because New York is ridiculous otherwise I wouldn’t be able to live my life. Just praying my genetics aren’t fucked.”

Proofread/Edited/Posted by: Wenfei


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