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Richard Frankel, a former FBI employee, whom Mr. Guo (Miles Kwok) mentioned in his live broadcast many times. He is a business partner of the security company, which used to be a service provider for Mr. Guo. He is also a business partner with a registered CCP spy, Bruno Wu. Moreover, Richard Frankel is one of the lawyers to represent PAG in the legal battle against Mr. Guo.

In July 2019, a short video revealed by Mr.Guo showed the former FBI employee, as a representative of T&M Protection Resources, enjoyed Mongolian music and dancing with Bruno Wu in a yurt, while they were having a function together.

According to the FBI’s official website, Richard Frankel, the former SAC of the FBI’s Newark field office, retired from the FBI on January 29, 2016. Richard Frankel has served the FBI domestically and internationally for over 20 years, working both in several FBI field offices and FBI headquarter. He is scheduled to begin a new career as a Director at USG Security Limited, an international security company based in central London with its clients all over the world.

Bruno Wu and Richard Frankel are under associated partnership in a company named Ideanomics, headquartered in New York. The company is publicly listed in NASDAQ, which stock code is IDEX. Bruno Wu is also one of the founders of this company. According to SEC’s document, the company is in a highly complex structure, with its subsidiaries including VIA Motors, Solectrac (the sole electric tractor manufacturer in the U.S.), Treeletrik, Wave (a wireless charging company) and U.S. Hybrid (an electric powertrain company, component and fuel cell engine manufacturers). And the company’s subsidiaries have a multi-layered structure (pictured below), eventually owning a series of companies with names including Chinese toponyms like “Shanghai” and “Guizhou”.

Ideanomics has adopted a Variable Interest Entities (VIEs) structure. VIEs means that it does not control the actual operating company through shareholding, but operating company by signing various agreements to control the entity and financial consolidation. A shareholder in one of the VIEs is the spouse of Bruno Wu (Yang Lan).

Ideanomics claimed in its SEC documentation that, “We are highly dependent on the services of Dr. Bruno Wu, our Chairman and largest stockholder, particularly as it relates to our operations in the PRC and Asia. Although Dr. Wu spends significant time with Ideanomics and is highly active in our management, he does not devote his full time and attention to Ideanomics. Dr. Wu also currently serves as CEO of Sun Seven Stars Investment Group.”

Bruno Wu and Richard Frankel both served as directors of Ideanomics (shown below), however, Frankel resigned from the board on July 2 2019, which matches the time when Guo’s video revealed that he had a banquet with Bruno Wu in the yurt.

On June 18, 2018, the website of Ideanomics showed Bruno Wu’s Seven Stars Cloud Group employed Frankel as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for its subsidiary Red Rock Global Capital Ltd (shown below):

An SEC statement released on November 14, 2018, states, “ Although Dr. Wu will be participating in a non-governmental organization, the level of interaction with government officials means that Dr. Wu cannot remain as the Chairman and CEO of a U.S. public company. As such, he will be stepping down from his positions at Ideanomics and will concentrate on this prestigious and highly visible role as an ambassador for the benefit of improved relations between China and the U.S. Dr. Wu will remain as special advisor to the Board of Directors of Ideanomics and will continue his current role as Chairman and CEO at Sun Seven Stars’, his private, family-held, media and investment company which will remain as the largest shareholder of Ideanomics.”

In this same statement, Frankel was nominated Director and Executive Vice Chairman of the board of Directors (show below):

The above fact proves that the former FBI employee Richard Frankel has very close personal and business ties with Bruno Wu. As a registered agent of the CCP, Wu funded the legal fees for a series of lawsuits against Mr. Guo in the United States. In order to benefit from the CCP, Frankel acts as Wu’s enforcer, which effectively puts him as a traitor of America. His countless misdeeds will only pave for his own demise, and Richard Frankel must be tried before the seat of justice for his tortious acts.

Source: 7·24系列——吴征和FBI前雇员Richard Frankel-Gnews

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