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Ming Yao, chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, recently invited NBA player Kanter to visit China. Kanter replied by saying that he wants to visit Uyghur labor camps in China, and invited Ming Yao to visit Taiwan and Hong Kong together, and let him talk freely with the tennis player Shuai Peng of Communist China.

According to a report by the Central News Agency on January 23, NBA star Kanter said on Twitter a few days ago: I really want to see everything there with my own eyes, but this trip, I want to ask Mr. Ming Yao, can I visit Xinjiang labor Camp? Is it okay to visit innocent women who have been abused and raped? Can you see how the CCP regime destroys corpses after forcibly harvesting organs? Can I meet tennis player Shuai Peng? Can I talk to her directly and ask her if she’s safe and alright? Is she able to answer freely? Or are you just going to give me the propaganda?

Photo from CNA

Kantor mentioned that under the brutal rule of the CCP government, Tibetans have no basic rights and freedoms. Hong Kong was once one of the freest cities in the world, but now the freedom of the press is destroyed, rights are suppressed, and people are arrested every day.

In addition, Kanter also told Ming Yao that the CCP could not buy him: “I don’t need the luxury tour provided by the CCP; I want the world to see the real side of China.”

He finally said that if  Ming Yao agreed to his request, “I would buy my own ticket and take the first flight to China this summer.”

The U.S. State Department estimates that as many as 2 million Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities have been detained in Xinjiang concentration or labor camps since 2017. Most European and American countries have confirmed the genocide committed by the CCP in Xinjiang, and these countries are constantly implementing the sanctions policy against the CCP in related aspects.

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NBA球星坎特願睹中國真面貌 邀姚明訪台見證民主

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