CCP bought AMSL’s Dutch engineers years ago. CCP’s plan was revealed by NFSC to Netherlands. Now, AMSL will not let CCP get one Mask Aligner.

【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】 2021.1.21 The Battle on the Mask Aligner between New Federal State of China and Communist Party of China

Mr. Miles:

The CCP, in the conceivable future, definitely cannot solve the Mask Aligner (related technology).

Do you know which company produce Mask Aligner? AMSL, the Mask Aligner producer.

We had fellow fighters working as a public-relations team targeting AMSL. We had to let AMSL know from the evil of CCP, like eating dogs and the (dark parts of the coming) Winter Olympics to mixed-raced beautiful girls raised in Xinjiang and Tibet whom were sent by CCP to sleep with their engineers, (some of them) even got married and had kids years in advance.

The Dutch later understood one thing: wow, It turned out that we–the big Dutch fools–went to the China under CCP regime and later on, they came back and got married, that all served a purpose (for CCP).

We gave them very accurate information. Like, when did this man get married? How did he meet this wife? Why did he have four or five children? When were they asked to return to China after giving birth? That’s all (for this man) to go undercover.

At first they thought we were psychos, like we were a cult.

They said, “You’re making up nonsense, you’re making up evil stories.” They said you’re not right. How do you get all these information? You’re making it all up.

We have two fellow fighters among them one of which betrayed us. While he was working hard for us, he was secretly working for the CCP as well. He told the Dutch in private and on the contrary. He told Dutch: do not trust Miles Guo who is only a businessman and with his aim to gain huge profits from the internal political struggle of the CCP. (He said) that‘s Miles’ true identity. The Dutch rejected us at once. No more contact with me.

But just at this moment God helped us. This fellow fighter who betrayed us was arrested in England later while he went to England to meet with the other spies who were working under cover in England. He was arrested.

After the arrest, they found this information in his computer: around total 11 guys, they aimed to destroy the Himalaya Exchange and to kill David and all other fellow fighters. He was arrested. We are absolutely confident in the British government. We definitely have solid relationship with M16. I can tell you guys, this time God helped us.

I asked these British government guys if they can share this information with the Dutch. So they shared this information with the Netherlands.

The Netherlands talked to them and was told that Miles Guo’s information is accurate. That guy provided you fake information and he himself is a real spy. Oops, all things were reversed. What is the result of the reversal? All the people bought by the CCP were arrested. The AMSL company made an absolute decision: None of them (the mask aligners) will be delivered to you (CCP).

Xi “The Sun” was once again furious.

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