Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – Lilian89

On January 21, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) admitted that the number of deaths caused by last year’s flood disaster in Zhengzhou had been underreported and determined the head of the Zhengzhou municipal party committee to be guilty. While not forgetting to praise the leadership of Xi, the CCP hastily tried to put an end to the man-made disaster. The CCP’s inhumane approach has sparked public discontent.

On January 22, a netizen posted a video from last July on social media platforms. In the video, flood survivors tried to talk to a reporter, but were interrupted by the ubiquitous stability-control guards in Communist China. The video sparked ridicule from Chinese netizens.

In particular, during the video, the stability-control guard spoke in a threatening tone, “only provide introduction, and don’t smear.” Netizens asked, “why the emphasis on not smearing?”

In the video, the stability-control officer asked the reporter several times if he was from a foreign media outlet. Netizens asked, “is the fact or the foreign media more important?” Netizens also questioned if the data from the SARS outbreak in 2003 and the CCP Virus outbreak at the end of 2019 were also false.

Analysts point out that Hu Xijin, the mouthpiece of the CCP, claimed in last July that there was no data falsification in the Henan flood.  The CCP deliberately conceals the truth about the CCP virus, power outage or food supply from people, but only the truth will speed up the Chinese people’s awakening.


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