Jan. 25th, 2022

MP Nus Ghani. @bitterwinter.org

According to a story by Bitter Winter Magazine on January 24th, 2022, it talks about the many years of sitting on the fence must stop, implored MP Nus Ghani, whose motion urged ministers to decide for themselves as to whether there was a serious risk of genocide taking place against China’s Turkic communities was passed unanimously in the British parliament on Thursday 20th. Following the landslide vote, ministers now have two months to analyse the evidence Ms Ghani claims they have long known about, and devise a strategy to confront the genocide.

This is obviously a step in the right direction but surely it is too little too late, as the Beijing Winter Olympics are about to start and this should have been done a long time ago. It is totally obvious to everyone apart from the brutal Chinese Communist Party that it is indeed genocide of the Uyghur population in Xinjiang mainland China, and if the corrupt mainstream media had covered this story properly then I am sure that many countries would have completely boycotted the completely disgraceful Beijing Winter Olympics.

The challenge to the government comes in the wake of the December 2021, Uyghur Tribunal’s judgement that genocide, crimes against humanity, and torture were being carried out against the Uyghur people by the evil CCP. Despite a unanimous vote in parliament last April agreeing that genocide was being carried out, ministers have continued to drag their heels, claimed Ms Ghani. She urged ministers to step up to their responsibilities under the Geneva Genocide Convention and refuse to be complicit in the ongoing human rights atrocities against minority groups in the region.

Despite being aware of the unfolding genocide since 2017, the international community has largely turned a blind eye and failed to take meaningful action. The UK government, despite many opportunities to take a stand, still insists that genocide determinations are for international courts, knowing full well that China’s power of veto in the two principal world legal bodies would always make that impossible.

Let us all hope that now everyone is completely aware of what is going on in mainland China, that our politicians can actually do something about these human rights atrocities because by standing back and doing nothing that makes them completely complicit and they should be held to account. I understand trade deals and political posturing but this is a human rights issue if this were going on in America, the UK, France, or any democratic country there would quite rightly be an uproar but because this is in mainland China people seem to be too frightened to speak out. Governments and institutions are far more concerned about profit than they are about human lives and that is an absolute disgrace.

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