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According to local media resources in the Communists China, on January 21st, 2022, in order to host the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the CCP launched meteorological cartridges (Snow Cannons) to artificially increase snow in multiple cities across Hebei and Shanxi provinces (nearby Beijing), including Taigu, Zhangjiakou, Cangzhou and Shijiazhuang area.

Recently during the Grand Live Broadcast on Jan 24 2022, Miles Guo revealed that the CCP will be launching more than 2 million of the Snow Cannons for the Beijing Winter Olympics. This will irreversibly damage the environment locally affecting people in the area including the athletes and audiences coming from around the world.

In terms of environmental damages, originally, the implementation and use of artificial snow making technologies required the undertaking of major infrastructure projects. These projects result in significant disruptions not just to local ecosystems but also pose significant safety risks to the nearby populations and ecosystems.

Artificial snow was used extensively at the 2014 Sochi and the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics to supplement natural snowfall and provide the best possible conditions for competition. It’s also often used in ski resorts and mountain reservoirs but with reasonable number of machines.

Snowmaking machines generally require between 3,000 and 4,000 cubic meters of water per hectare of slope covered. Accordingly, it takes approximately 106 gallons (400 liters) of water to produce one cubic meter of snow, and snowmaking machines use about 107 gallons (405 liters) of water per minute. Furthermore, it takes approximately 3.5 to 4.3 kWh of energy to produce one cubic meter of snow; however, this number can be as high as 14 kWh, or as low as 1 kWh per cubic meter of snow.

In addition to long-term environmental impacts, artificial snow production poses immediate environmental challenges. Artificial snow takes around two to three weeks longer to melt than the natural snow does. As such, the use of artificial snow introduces new threats and challenges to local flora and fauna. The high mineral and nutrient content of the water used to produce artificial snow changes soil composition, which will affect the plants growth.

Along with the environmental damage from the snowmaking, the CCP even adds “silver iodide” to the water to make the process easier and more efficient. Silver iodide or solid carbon dioxide, also known as dry ice is used to supply naturally deficient clouds with the proper concentration of ice crystals to increase rainfall through the ‘cold rain’ process.

Under the guidelines of the Clean Water Act by the US EPA, silver iodide is considered a hazardous substance, a priority pollutant, and as a toxic pollutant. The silver ion is among the most toxic of heavy metal ions, particularly to microorganisms and to fish.

Miles Guo once mentioned in his previous live broadcast, “What the normal people won’t do, or don’t dare to do, the CCP will do it. Western media questioned on how can Beijing hold the Winter Olympics without snow. It’s so easy for the CCP, they will just “create” the snow, just like they even painted the trees green. It’s unbelievable to what extent the CCP will do things without any regards for all people and the environment.”


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