Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Grace

The CCP illegally obtained the right to host the Winter Olympics. 

And now It imprisons its people with illegal means under the excuse of the epidemic.  

It hides the origins of the corona virus and refuses to cooperate with international world to trace the origins of the CCP virus. 

It threatens the whole world and creates the illusion that all nations are coming to wordship the dynasty,

It damages the environment and does not allow human freedom and freedom of speech,

It hosts the Winter Olympics the same way as what Hitler did in 1935 and Soviet Union in 1980. 

The CCP’s hosting of the Winter Olympics deems to become an insult to humanity and it is an ugly event in history.

The CCP has done immeasurable violation of human rights. 

However, the International Olympics Committee betrayed the Olympic spirit and sold its soul,

The New Federal State of China has been fighting to stop the CCP from creating more disasters and to stop its evil deed from being repeated.  

We are very honored to see that we have made achievements. 

The official boycott of the Winter Olympics from the United States and many other countries have a profound impact on justice, democracy, the rule of law around the world, and also impact the countries around the world that are genuinely friendly to the Chinese people. 

We learned just now that President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken made a major decision:

The United States government has officially notified Beijing that the United States authorizes the U.S. Embassy in Beijing to withdraw. 

This is of great significance in boycotting the Winter Olympics, to trace the origin of the CCP virus, to stop the vaccine disaster, and to stop the genocide.

This is a great victory for the New Federal States of China, safeguarding the rule of law and human rights.

We thank the United States government for this great decision,

History will prove its significance.

The New Federal State of China extends its heartfelt thanks to the Biden administration,

We will stand with the American people, to take down the CCP. 

we will certainly establish a thousand-year long peaceful relationship with the world.

Everything is just beginning.

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