To what extend is the design now. It combined with all the quantum computing technologies with biotechnologies. It’s breaking the legal tender monopoly.

【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】2022.1.21Cryptocurrency Cold Wallet Will Be Epic


About this cold wallet, it’s basically a hard drive. In the past, to what extend is the design now, it combined with all the quantum computing technologies, with biotechnologies, with your Retina and pulses, even fingerprints. If you don’t want to use fingerprints, technically, it can be even a farse from you, we can make that as a standard for recognition. Farse is unique, no kidding. You can set any biometrics. Then, the hardware wallet.

Maybe next time I meet Zheng Qing. I need to fart first, then go through recognition. The hardware wallet will be open. This one is mine, then you press this button, send it to someone else. Zheng Qing can then fart. It becomes a wallet for Zheng Qing. Simple like that, you may also call it fart wallet, fart wallet. Nobody else can take it away.

It recognizes your fart but nobody else. That will be so powerful. It is breaking the….Breaking the legal tender monopoly, breaking the border of country that treated you as slaves, breaking the barrier which restricts yourself. It will only read the hardware but not any individual. Only recognize the money but not the individual. Most importantly, it will not get lost. Because, in the design, this hardware wallet, you may lose it. If you lose it one day, it will be just fine, we will have a retract mechanism.

For instance, I mistakenly lose one of my fart wallets, it has a billion, that is fine. I will get a system. Fart in front of the computer. This will get to your new fart wallet. Maybe Miles Guo Fart wallet. It recognizes where your wallet is. It can be retrieved. It will be so great and can never be lost. But you cannot ask for what is in there. Not allow anybody to trace you.

In Switzerland, at their top times, they accepted non-named assets from all over the world for 300 years. Nobody can query it. Now, that was taken down by the US. Nobody can eliminate cryptocurrencies. There is no such technology. We are working with a big company to develop a super outer space cryptocurrency, to store a lot of cryptocurrencies in the outer space including getting to the moon. We want to be part of it.

We are going to put the essential stuff  onto the moon. If you want to actually hack this, you are going to have to go to the moon. You need to make a trip to the moon, to get it. We can put the core information on the moon. Maybe even put some kind of satellite to hang out there. Whoever is going to possess the hardware wallets, you will be the owner of the most valuable assets of the world

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