【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】2022.1.21 The Hot and Cold Wallets’ Infinite Futures


Nobody has ever seen this from the Himalaya reserve: China’s future with H-coins and Lying flat tokens. No one understands it.

Your usage of GTV, Gnews will be equaled to money for you. If you spend 10 hours on your cellphone, the coin allocation will be earned automatically for you

(You would say) now how do I use it? I am a farmer from Wu Yi in the Fu Jinang province. I am a farmer who raises snakes. Lots of people from Wu Yi make a living by raising snakes.  And how do I spend it?

We have H-pay. Also, GETTR Pay. You can look around you. What do they sell? Some might be in the pharmaceutical business. If you find him, then just send a message. Since we all have H-pay, as long as both of you agree, they can find you.

For instance, Zheng Qing is 100Km away, but you have medications that I want to purchase. You can do direct transfers without a middle guy. For instance, one person wanted to buy corn bread. You want to get steamed buns. Look around you. If there are people around you and they accept the payment, it can be done, completely independent. And with the Starlink wifi , once you detached from the ground telecommunication, the CCP cannot track you.

Second, your cryptocurrency is decentralized currency. It cannot be tracked by anybody.

Thirdly, you’ve got both hot and cold wallets. A lot of businesses prepared for cold wallets. Once this is downloaded, money can be stored in the cold wallets. What do I use cold wallets for? For instance, I want to do wholesale of medicine for you. I need to carry the cold wallets for the business tractions even within the control of the CCP. If I have cold wallets, the CCP cannot track me. For smaller amount, I can pay with hot wallet.

We can out play with the CCP. Do you think those scumbags understand anything like this? They will kill anyone who understands this. Only Qi Ge (Miles) and our fellow fighters can play with them by only using computers. We can out play these old scumbags. We can walk into their house in broad daylight. You can see that we can open their door. I can open their safe place and take away all the money, but nobody can track me. They can only fight with air and beat it hard. That is why we are so powerful!

Let the CCP realize that they cannot catch the person who stole their money, with the technique on you can stash the money. (Let the CCP realize that) I want to be this guy (stealer) as well; I will put money in the cold wallet. When the CCP, even Wang Qishan, Xi Jingping’s family will trust the hardware wallet which nobody can track it, and nobody can steal it. (By then) The major contributors for us will be those old geezers like Xi Jingping, or like Zhang Gaoli who told his wife– “Universe is infinite, the earth is a particle of the sand”– to trust nobody except to trust Miles: ‘let’s put our money there’.

(Future) In this world, if you lose the money, I will pay you back as long as you purchase the insurance. If any government forced you to give it up, I will pay you. I will prepare a bunch of insurance. This is H-insurance and its correspondence. It will be safe for proof from detection, proof from robbery, and proof from scams. You will never lose it. That is the advantage of  well-usage of cold and hot wallets will be infinite.

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