Your sincere contribution and truthful mind.  you love to your fellow fighters are recognized here and will be rewarded.

【Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】 2022.1.21 Truthful and Brave Sacrifice Will Be Rewarded


What does that mean?Remember that the sacrifice you make, your sincere contribution and truthful mind, you love to your fellow fighters are recognized here and will be rewarded. I can tell you again, if you are trying to take shortcuts and just wanted to hold that money to yourself. One of the guys came up with 20K, now that equals to 20 million worth of HDO. We will get it back no matter where you go. This got nothing to do with Himalaya reserve.

It’s about our farm association. Chang Dao, Lao Banzhang will explain to you. Anyone disagrees to lock up the coin to today. We will take legal action. Because the coins you got was for insiders. You got them because of the farm association. You did sign the agreement. If you violated that, we could press charges on you. Once that happen, the money does not belong to you. Not even a single token. You may not even get your basic cost back. We are not going to claim it ourselves. DOJ system will figure this out. So, dear fellow fighters of the NFSC. You guys stick to the truth. Be nice to your fellow fighters. Nice to your fellow fighters. You will be rewarded. I mentioned about hot and cold wallets. As well as insurance of Himalaya reserve.

We are still in process of an unprecedented and global insurance. I can tell you that we have two more licenses now. This country of Europe gave us one. We also got another one for digital bank. We will have a bank or trade license in Japan. This is for sure. So, within couple months. Let me tell you about the good news. The third good news is the investors of digital bank. Got this without any single dime out of their pocket. This was like a fairy tale. I bought a bread from you. However, I don’t have money for it now. They told you to go and get the money. But you want to eat the bread first. After that is done, you want another cake. Get another cake, before you will go and get the money.

Who is going to allow to do that? The guy selling bread or cake don’t want to accept it. You haven’t even paid off the bread. Why should I give you cakes? But NFSC made it happen today and make sure you guys are going to cherish this. You don’t have to thank me. Thank the people that are kind and honest fellow fighters that are serious with their words. It’s your persistence and kindness. Made it all happen.

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