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In a Grand Live Broadcast on 22 January, Miles Guo revealed that the motive of the CCP’s Shanghai gang, Jiang Zeng Wang Meng, in commemorating Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech in a high profile manner, was to put the brakes on in the hope of renewing his life, highlighting the CCP’s fierce internal strife and its desperate plight.

At the time, Mr Guo said, Deng Xiaoping was on his southern tour, which actually took in Wuchang, Zhuhai and Shenzhen. By the time he arrived in Zhuhai, Beijing’s army had already been deployed to arrest people unwilling to reform and opening up. Deng Xiaoping’s speech on his southern tour was essentially a rearrangement and redistribution of the political core interest of the CCP. Chen Yun, Song Ping, Yao Yilin, Qiao Shi, and later Jiang Zemin, Zeng Qinghong and Wang Qishan, took this opportunity to enter the core group of power in the CCP.

After the Southern Tour speech, the CCP transitioned from a first generation leadership group with Mao Zedong at its core to a second generation with Deng Xiaoping at its core, and, admittedly, a third generation with Jiang Zemin at its core. However, Xi Zhongxun, the earliest advocate of reform and opening up, was excluded from the core of power and has since fallen into obscurity. Xi Jinping has always held a grudge against Deng and Jiang for this.

Xi Jinping has spent the last decade stressing that his father Xi Zhongxun is credited with the Southern Tour speech and the reform and opening up of Shenzhen. By now, he has instead gone completely against his father and towards the extreme left.

Finally, Mr. Guo stressed that we should recognise that from the 11th and 13th Congresses to the 20th Congress, the CCP has followed the path of extreme right, extreme left and the path of ambition to dominate the world, and that the CCP is running out of road.

Reference: 中共高调纪念南巡讲话的真正动机

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