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On January 22, the United Kingdom’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office issued a statement saying it had obtained information indicating that the Russian government is planning to install a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine. Yevhen Murayev, a former member of the Ukrainian parliament, is being considered as a potential candidate for the role.

The news comes amid heightened tensions in Ukraine, where Russia has assembled more than 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border.

Later, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said in a statement that the information being released today shines a light on the extent of Russian activity designed to subvert Ukraine and is an insight into Kremlin thinking.

She said, “Russia must de-escalate, end its campaigns of aggression and disinformation, and pursue a path of diplomacy. As the UK and our partners have said repeatedly, any Russian military incursion into Ukraine would be a massive strategic mistake with severe costs.”

Photo from the Epoch Times

In addition, the British Foreign Office also released a list of former Ukrainian politicians with links to Russia’s intelligence services, suggesting that some of them “have contact with Russian intelligence officers currently involved in the planning of an attack on Ukraine.”

In response to the British statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry immediately issued a statement: “The spread of disinformation by the British foreign ministry is one more piece of evidence that NATO countries are escalating tensions around Ukraine.”

It is reported that the UK is an official ally of the United States and a member of NATO, which has vowed to support Ukraine’s independence. If Russia invades, Russia will suffer major consequences.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Thursday that any Russian invasion would be a disaster, not just for Ukraine, but for Russia and the world.

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