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In the live broadcast on January 21, Miles Guo further clarified that, based on the recent digital currency report released by the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Himalaya Exchange will be the most potential partner of the US dollar and other fiat currencies with the perfect function of the safe system.  Miles’ analysis is divided into three aspects:

First of all, although U.S. Fed currently has no timetable for advancing the US dollar digital currency, it has already felt the crisis.  When the version 3.5 of the virtual currency appeared, the dollar faced a huge challenge.  Therefore, the Fed can only give priority to cooperation with USD stable coins.  H-dollar (HDO) caters to this trend and requirement.

Second, the Himalaya Exchange is pleased to deploy ahead of schedule and is applying for licenses from various states in the United States and dozens of countries.  The successful launch of H-Coin (HCN) reflects the role of stable coins.  At the same time, Himalaya Pay (H-pay) and Tang ping Coin will be launched one after another, opening the door to unlimited global circulation for the Himalaya Exchange; peer-to-peer cooperation with credit card issuers, both of which have broad prospects.  In addition, Himalaya loans and Himalaya insurance have relieved worries.  All of these demonstrate the huge development potential of Himalaya’s financial ecosystem.

Finally, as the Chinese Communist Party is about to fall, the world economy is on the verge of collapse, and the Himalaya Exchange is the safest haven for wealth.  The Himalaya Exchange’s hot wallet is like money in a bank account that can be used at any time, while the cold wallet combines quantum computers and even put key information in outer space, and no one can take it away.

Miles firmly stated that the Himalaya Exchange, with its legal, safe and unique stable currency reserve system and unlimited development prospects, will surely become the rule maker of the world’s digital currency.


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