Jan. 23rd, 2022

Australian PM Scott Morrison addresses the Davos World Economic Forum via video link. Photograph: World Economic Forum

According to a story by The Guardian on January 21st, 2022, it talks about how Scott Morrison has taken aim at China for “economic coercion”, foreign interference, and cyberattacks in a speech to the Davos World Economic Forum. Without naming the source of “sharper geopolitical competition”, the Australian prime minister warned of increasing territorial disputes in the Indo-Pacific region and urged an end to protectionist measures directed at Australia.

Australia has been the target of Chinese tariffs on key agricultural exports, such as barley and wheat, due to a long series of grievances including “interference in China’s Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan affairs” and “spearheading the crusade against China in certain multilateral forums”. Morrison told the forum that the global strategic environment had “deteriorated” with the world becoming more “fragmented and contested particularly here in the Indo-Pacific, which has become the world’s strategic centre of gravity”.

Morrison said the region had become “highly contested” due to increased use of “grey-zone tactics” seeking to “coerce and intimidate”. “There are tensions over territorial claims, there is rapid military modernisation, there is foreign interference occurring in nations right across the Pacific and here in Australia.

Australia is suffering from trade tariffs as Prime Minister Morrison said a few nasty words with regards to Chinese authorities raping, torturing, falsely imprisoning and organ harvesting, and even killing the Uyghur population in the Xinjiang region of China. Compared to some other countries and their leaders Morrison didn’t say that much many people wanted him to go much further, but the spoilt children that are the Chinese communist party completely threw their toys out the pram and scrapped a lot of existing trade deals such as coal and agricultural goods and put massive tariffs on the rest.

Scott Morrison is well aware of how petulant and childish the CCP can be so it is not clear why he chastised the Chinese authorities when he would have been sure of some kind of recrimination. China is a massive trading partner with Australia so it was either a clever business move to try to get some leverage which has obviously backfired, or what is more likely is that Morrison is an incompetent fool that is in way over his head.

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