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Bernard Kerik, the New York City police commissioner at the time of 9/11, remembers 9/11 just like yesterday.

“There isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t have some reflection, have some memory, think about a person or something that happened that day,” Kerik told Newsmax magazine.

“To this day, if I see a plane flying above the Hudson River, my attention is focused on that plane.”

Kerik believe that United States is far better off today than 20 years ago when it comes to intelligence capabilities and counter-terrorism.  

“But that’s not to say you can let your guard down. You must remain vigilant because complacency is what killed us in the past,” he said.

Kerik has also changed his mind about what America’s biggest threat is. He used to speak of Radical Islam, but he explains that “I don’t believe this anymore.”

“I think the biggest threat in this country today is socialism, the infiltration of socialism,” he said.


Kerik ‘s awakening is a deep understanding of terrorism: 

Terrorism is only a means for socialism to achieve its goals. Especially in today’s world, when the second Largest Economy, socialist/Communist China (CCP) aims at planting red flags all over the world. Just to take an overall views of terrorist crimes around the world, especially the evilest attack to mankind, biological weapons of viruses and vaccines, one should ask ‘is any of those terrorist crimes that had not manipulated by the CCP?’

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