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On 13 January 2022, the BBC reported: “Warning from MI6 that UK-based lawyer Christine Ching Kui Lee has facilitated to establish ‘contacts’ between Chinese Communist Party and incumbent MPs and candidates running for MPs. Her source of money for political donations came from non-British nationals in China and Hong Kong.”

During the Wengui Grand Broadcast on January 17, 2022, Mr. Guo said: Christine Ching Kui Lee, a female lawyer, is an undercover spy in the UK for CCP. You don’t know her background. When talking about her, I remember that I once had a meeting with someone from MI6 in the UK. He said, “Give me an example of how deep the CCP has infiltrated us?” It was about 2015, not even 2017 yet. I said: “For example, Ching Kui Lee sleeps with your British ambassador to Beijing in Beijing Club, which we call the Great Wall Club, or Mr. David Tang Club, (And) the whole thing was recorded, including the video next to and below that bathtub. 

Then, he (from MI6) asked, “Yeah, what’s her name?” I said, Li Zhenju (transliteration of Ching Kui Lee). He asked, what is her background? I told him that Christine Ching Kui Lee has a younger sister who is a deputy director of the 5th Bureau of the Ministry of State Security (the 5th Bureau of the Ministry of State Security is a very important department). Till today he (MI6) caught her. Now I can tell you about this Christine Ching Kui Lee, very important.

In 2017, they (MI6) asked me again how many people like Ching Kui Lee are in the UK. I told him that there were about 70-80 in the UK. 

Let me tell you what the BVI (British Virgin Islands) case means. February 2nd (2022) is not the BVI trial, February 2nd is the trial of ownership of the boat, the claim of my contempt of court and the ownership of the boat. It will conclude that a BVI company owns the boat, and the company will belong to Miles Guo. This will eventually impact the result of the BVI trial. 

There are only 4 to 5 judges on the whole island of BVI, and most of them were lawyers before their judge career. This is one biggest problems in this trial. It has completed over the serious violation of professional ethics that Edward Moss did. The person in charge of the case against Sun Lijun (the former deputy of the Chinese Ministry of State Security) told us, Seventh Brother (Mile Guo), you must pay attention, the BVI has been completely infiltrated. During the trial, Sun Lijun said that Guo Wengui (Miles Guo) would lose BVI in the PAG lawsuit, and it will be a complete loss. This is the request from CCP to let him lose everything. Don’t expect any other results, this is the end. Then, the sentence will be done on February 2 — the boat is yours (Mr Guo’s), the company is yours (Mr Guo’s), tell Guo Wengui to pay a fine of 125 million-plus a boat. If you don’t pay, I can sentence you to prison because of contempt of court. Now it’s a civil case, not a criminal one. So, how many Li Zhenju in the UK now? That lawyer has given you the answer, and so far, he has not been punished by the judge and is closely watching the United States. The trial in the United States will start on February 2.

How bad is it? Brothers and sisters. I can’t stop the enemy apply BGY tactics Note 1. How can you possibly stop them? The next step is to locate you, David. I can tell you, David, you will commit a criminal offence, e.g. rape your wife in the UK. I can tell you, there will definitely be a case against you in the UK. Why?  Li Zhenju is waiting for you there.

Note 1: BGY Tactics are typical CCP infiltration methods such as Blue (internet information warfare), Gold (Monetary bribery), Yellow (Sex bribery) 

Source: 大直播后记:郭文贵先生揭露李贞驹的背景-Gnews

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