—–Peddington, Himalaya Italy

Kindly reminder, even the most chaos period in China, CCP has its brain of what is top priority to protect this regime.

In 1980, the JK-1 proximity lithography machine completed the institute-level appraisal.

In 1981, the second-stage process test was completed, and the process assessment test for simulating 4K and 16K DRAM devices was carried out.

In 1985, the Institute 45 of Electromechanical Engineering developed a prototype of a step-by-step lithography machine

Back ground with nation support, even in 1990s, The Communist China

Now the industry inside news told, Shanghai Microelectronics Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. disclosed that it will deliver the first domestic immersion lithography machine with 28nm process in 2021-2022. The domestic lithography machine will break through the previous 90nm process to the 28nm process in one fell swoop.

Since mid  2019, there have been 6 unfinished project in China , minimum  investment is 3 billion USD

Wuhan Hongxin Semiconductor, known as a 100 billion RMB investment, is in charge of TSMC technology giants. But only three years after its establishment, it was revealed that the project was suspended due to arrears of wages. Wuhan Hongxin took the only lithography machine in the communist China, worth more than 500 million RMB, capable of producing 7nm wafers, and took it as a mortgage to the bank to continue its life.

Coincidentally, Nanjing Dekema, which was established in 2015, has officially announced a total investment of 3 billion US dollars. Now it has become a three-debt company with “arrears of wages, arrears of suppliers money, and taxes”, and filed a bankruptcy application in July 2020.

Not only these two core-making companies ended sadly, also at least other 4 in communist Chia to perform the trick that there is nothing to produce but scam.

A brief conclusion, from 1966 to 1980, communist China did something on R&D, afterward, especially Xi’s China Dream, it is totally scum, as same as Miles stresses, governance by frauds.

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