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The second good news is that the ASML cancelled the contract with CCP value of 500 million USD, final revised at 2.5 billion USD. Congratulation, ASML, well done, and also it would  be the greatest milestone on ASML history. Another noose put on CCP  neck,  as  Miles emphasized , no chip, no technology for CCP!

Like Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said, In our country the lie has become not just a moral category but a pillar of the State. Here was Soviet Union. In CCP regime, there are every thing evil besides lie. Today I talk about how one pillar of CCP Regime, Miles calls Governance by frauds, to direct a Chip series Farce.

Every Chines people knows that the domestic chips are now blocked by the United States one reason is China started this industry too late.

Unfortunately, few people knows when CCP started Chip Industry.

ASML founded in 1984 at Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Communist China,

 In 1966, Factory 109 cooperated with Shanghai Optical Instrument Factory to successfully develop China’s first Type 65, contact lithography machine, which was produced by Shanghai Radio Special Equipment Factory and promoted nationwide;

In September 1974, the first national large-scale integrated circuit industry conference was held, and the State Planning Commission held the “National Large-scale Integrated Circuit and Basic Materials Research Conference” in Beijing. Key technologies in LSI process, equipment, basic materials, etc.] The Fourth Ministry of Machinery organized the Beijing-Shanghai Electronics Industry Battle to carry out research and development of LSI, materials, and equipment, and to make breakthroughs in ultra-fine dry boards, photoresists, and ultra-pure reagents. , High-purity gas, magnetic field deflection electron beam coating machine and other materials and equipment.

In December 1975, the second national conference on LSI circuits was held in Shanghai.

In January 1977, the third national conference on LSI circuits was held in Guizhou.

In May 1977, a forum on lithography machine technology was held in Wu County, Jiangsu (now Wuzhong District, Suzhou), and 67 representatives from 42 units attended the meeting and pointed out that the improvement of lithography equipment and  process is an important aspect of the current large-scale integrated circuit battle and the improvement of circuit quality. The suggestion of collaborative research organization across the whole China was held.