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When CCP bribes a country, CCP will usually first target the country’s politicians. The bribed state leaders will in return to assist CCP to launder their money. For every dollar spent as bribe, 100 dollars may be laundered. Pakistan is one country that has always been receiving money from CCP. Pakistan had helped CCP to launder more than 10 billion dollars, human trafficking, assassination, and live human organ transplant in exchange for just a couple hundred million dollars of bribe money. Nawaz Sharif recently commented in public that all his money comes from China, unintentionally hinted that CCP has long tradition to bribe other countries.

Venezuela used to be such a peaceful and wealthy nation but ever since communism consumed the country, Venezuela turned into a hell on earth. The same situation has happened in Afghanistan, where people are suffering murder, rape and famine after Communist China helped Taliban to acquire the power.

Around 3 to 4 European countries are currently planning to shut down China embassy permanently. This is like in the past when Iraq and Russia embassies were blocked in civilized nations. The first country to ban China embassy will become a symbol for freedom and liberty. Disallowing China embassy also signifies that the world is decoupling from China both politically and economically. When this news was reported to Xi Jinping, Xi was so angry he slammed the table, thinking that this was caused by his political opponents, namely Jiang faction.

China recently announced that Chinese forced a United State warship away from South China sea, after its warning. American navy vessels have already stationed in Japan. In recent negotiations between China and United States, Wang Yi and Yang Jiechi were still not giving an inch, granting no concession.

For the past months, tens of thousands of dogs are being captured in northern parts of China. Dogs can no longer seen on the streets in some of those places. All these dogs, puppies and pregnant bitches are slaughtered for their meat. Since China is currently having a food shortage, there is a likely chance that these dog meats will end up as food served in Winter Olympics. Afterall, ordinary Olympic attendees will not suspect the meat in their burgers or noodles is of canine origin. Eating dog meat is nothing surprising in China as some CCP officials even have a liking for eating live monkey brain.

China has been performing mass lockdowns and PCR tests in multiple cities and provinces lately. CCP is putting up an act trying to convince the world that China is also a victim of Covid, implying that Covid wasn’t released by CCP. CCP also intend to show the world that the communism way of China is effective in controlling pandemic. Xi Jinping has never spared a thought for the commoners, who are suffering economically and hunger from these lockdowns. There are even young Chinese girls offering physical intimacy in exchange for a cup noodle.

Semiconductor is one technology which China lags behind immensely. Semiconductor is considered crucial by the CCP to dominate the world, as it is needed many areas ranging from mobile communication to military weapons. CCP has been trying to steal semiconductor tech from other nations with no notable success so far. The Chinese Whistleblower Movement tipped off Netherlands officials that CCP had infiltrated a local Advanced Semiconductor Materials Lithography(ASML) company, which has many of its engineers and management personals unknowingly married Chinese spies. Some of these female spies even give birth for their Dutch husbands. Initially, Netherlands officials ignored the warning thinking it is too farfetched. Also, a traitor in the Whistleblower Movement told the Netherlands officials that the Chinese spies thing is all fake. This traitor was recently detained in United Kingdom because he was caught communicating with a China Spy, and from his laptop it was found that the information about spy provided to Netherlands officials is true. Under the request by the Whistleblower Movement, the laptop information was shared with Netherlands.

Jiang family, Meng Jianzhu and Wang Qishan fear Xi’s crazy actions will eventually bring down CCP. In order not to implicate themselves with Xi, they promoted Deng Xiaoping’s southern tour speech in public. Deng Xiaoping’s speeches represent rightist thinking whereas Xi is a leftist extremist. But are Jiang and Meng really true rightist? In 2014, Meng told Britain that Hong Kong will totally be submitted to China, with Hong Kong and China sharing the same set of rules and laws. He also mentioned that in 10 years’ time (10 years from 2014), China and United State will co-rule the world.

New Zealand, a place where politicians and financial tycoons were heavily bribed by the CCP, has some of the most vindictive vaccine mandates in the world. The New Federal State of China (NFSC) will help New Zealanders in ceasing these mandates. Soon, some of the vaccine mandates in New Zealand will be removed.

Donated blood from vaccinated people is dangerous for transfusion. Spike protein and graphene hydroxide in this donated blood can be lethal for those receiving the blood.

Source: Miles Guo’s 21st Jan 2022 Broadcast on GETTR and GTV

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