Jan. 21st, 2022


According to a story by News.com.au on January 20th, 2022, it talks about how human rights organisations have accused the Chinese government of international overreach, claiming over 10,000 defectors have involuntarily returned to the mainland thanks to heightened attempts by the CCP to “repatriate” former residents. The report by the Spanish NGO Safeguard Defenders claims Xi Jinping’s government has used legal loopholes in anti-corruption policy to effectively “kidnap” people from overseas and return them to China.

“The rapidly expanding global practice poses a severe threat to national sovereignty and individual rights everywhere,” the report, released January 18th, states. “With involuntary returns, the CCP’s message is that nowhere is safe; fleeing overseas will not save you, there is no escape.” After Xi Jinping came to power as President in 2012, the CCP claimed some 18,000 officials had fled the country. Since then, the number of Chinese asylum seekers has gone up by some 700% around the world.

Sounding like a ‘James Bond’ movie the code name for this enforced return of dissidents and ex citizens is ‘Sky Net’ and while Sky Net officially claims to be targeting only economic criminals accused of bribery, corruption, and abuse of power, Safeguard Defenders believes the far-reaching policies have breached sovereignty protocols in attempting to track down activists, including Chinese journalist Li Xin, who was kidnapped in Thailand, activist Tang Zhishun (kidnapped in Burma), or British Lee Bo and Swede Gui Minhai, who were targeted in Hong Kong and Thailand respectively.

It goes to show just how thin-skinned the communist regime actually is, just like school bullies they will track you down from anywhere in the world if you say anything against them. It seems obvious that the totalitarian regime cannot accept anyone speaking out against them and they will make an example of you in a bid to teach everyone a lesson again like a spoilt school bully.

Official data from China suggested nearly 10,000 of those dissidents and ex-government officials have been returned to the dictatorship for punishment since 2014 from over 120 countries, no one is saying much about what will happen to the people that have been forced back to mainland China, probable life in prison would be seen as a soft option as opposed to torture, death and organ harvesting which will be the sentence of many of the people that were so brave to speak out about the corruption within the CCP.

For more information about this story please click the link: NGO Safeguard Defenders releases report claiming China has forced thousands back to the mainland

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