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On January 19, Mr. Miles Guo, the founder of the New Federal State of China, revealed on GTV Grand Live that the decentralized insurance designed and developed by his secret team will be available soon. The insurance is anchored to digital currencies and regulated by a third party, and customers will be able to get a 100% payout.

Mr. Guo pointed out in the live broadcast that all the insurance in the market now is centralized without any anchoring or third-party supervision, which are financial arrangements based on the customer’s premiums, such as storage and operation. If the operation done by the insurance company on behalf of the client fails, the customer’s premiums will be lost together, meaning that there is no protection at all.

In addition, in Communist China, it is almost entirely up to the insurance company to decide whether or not the client will receive a payout. For example, last year, thousands of vehicles were damaged by a man-made flood in Zhengzhou, but the owners were not compensated because the insurance companies categorized it as an unavoidable natural disaster to avoid paying out. Mr. Guo said, “Insurance now is purely a financial placebo, a financial tool used by some people to scam people out of money.”

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For this reason, Mr. Guo designed a decentralized insurance based on the blockchain technology concept, which breaks the passivity of customers in the traditional insurance industry in one fell swoop. He revealed that the insurance is not only anchored by digital currency but also supervised by a third party, so that in any case, the customer can get 100% of the corresponding payout as long as the conditions are met. Mr. Guo stressed that such a design is neither deceptive nor a bullying treaty, and it is not up to the insurance company to decide whether to pay out or how much to pay out; everything is based on an agreed white paper.

Mr. Guo also revealed that his secret development team will soon complete the project and will be ready to unveil the “bride’s” red head at any time.

In particular, Mr. Guo announced at the end of the live broadcast that he would give a big gift to the Whistleblower Movement’s brothers and sisters, which is that on the day of the birth of decentralized insurance, all GTV investors and G-club members will have a 100% decentralized insurance policy with the same value as their investment, completely free of charge.

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