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On January 20, the well-known Japanese doctor, Satoshi Kakai(內海聰) disclosed on Twitter that local medical professionals received huge remuneration from pharmaceutical companies for promoting vaccines. Among them, infectious disease expert Shigeru Sanko(三鴨广繁) charged a promotion fee of up to 17.5 million yen, equivalent to more than 150,000 US dollars. Yoshihito Niki(二木芳人), a doctor in the clinical infectious disease department, received a promotion fee of 10.07 million yen, equivalent to more than 87,000 US dollars, involving a total of 15 pharmaceutical companies.

At a time when the side effects of vaccines are frequent and countries have successively stopped compulsory vaccines, Shigeru Sanko and Yoshihito Niki used their positions to persuade the public to get the third shot. Shigeru Sanko claimed that some athletes would experience fever and other local adverse reactions during the first and second injections. Furthermore, Yoshihito Niki is even more hoarse, claiming that it is a bit late to take the third injection now, and that it is a little too late to take the third injection in order to control the peak of the epidemic.

In fact, these two are not thinking about controlling the epidemic but have other plans. According to the information disclosed by Dr. Satoshi Kakai, Shigeru Sanko received a total of 127 remunerations from 14 pharmaceutical companies, totaling 17,506,539 yen, equivalent to more than 150,000 US dollars. Yoshihito Niki received a total of 69 remunerations from 13 pharmaceutical companies, for a total of 10,071,261 yen, equivalent to more than 87,000 US dollars.

In addition, according to the disclosed information, there are a total of 15 pharmaceutical companies involved in heavy remuneration fees, namely: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Fujifilm Toyama Chemical Co.Ltd., Sumitomo Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., Taisho Toyama Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., Astellas Pharmaceuticals, Asahi Kasei Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., Shionogi Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., Daiichi Sankyo Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., Meiji Confectionary pharmaceutical Co.ltd., Xinglin Xinsheng Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., Auspicious pharmaceutical factory, Tanabe Mitsubishi Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd., Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and MSD Pharmaceuticals.

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