1. January 20,Dancheng, Henan. A speech of the governor of Dancheng about keeping all people who came from the medium and high-risk area “ in quarantine first and then in detention ”caused a social outcry. 
  2. January 17, Xingtai, Hebei. A man has parked illegally at the risk of his life in order to complete his work report. He has begged for mercy at the urging of the traffic police. Here is the quotation, “ I am begging you. It doesn’t matter how much the fine will be.”
  3. January 20, Liuzhou, Guangxi. An accident occurred when the workers disposed of the dangerous tree, leading one dead and three injured.
  4. January 18, Bazhong, Sichuan. A man hung on an overpass and cried strongly. It seemed like that he was really mental breakdown and suspicious commit suicide. People who passed by saved his life.
  5. January 18, Hezhou, Guangxi. A man tried to drive over his wife twice and then jumped out the building to death. It’s suspected that he got into an emotional dispute with his wife.
  6. January 19, Handan, Hebei. A senior lady in a nursing home grabbed the door and shouted for help. The nursing home said that she gave her house to her grandson, therefore her children kept her alone here. The grandson couldn’t be kept in touch currently and he had already been in arrears for 3 months.
  7. Cheea.com published a report that nearly 50% of Chinese senior citizens can not find some TV shows that they like watching. So they opted out of watching, because they were not willing to disturb their children. It is a prevailing status in China controlled by CCP that the senior citizens are lonely. 
  8. January 20, the National Health Commission of China has pointed out in a press conference that it was very prominent that the young people who were born after 1990, 2000 delayed the marriages, the childbearing and the possibility that the female never married have been increasing.
  9. January 20, A Reproductive medicine hospital in Henan province has been investigated because there was a message published on its official website praising the UK and discussing the social-political system.  
  10. January 18, Wuhu, Anhui. Owners of a residential community have been threatened and cut down the water and power supply, as well as blocked the doors with trash by the property company, because the owners thought the property company had not taken responsibility, so they refused to pay the property fees.
  11. January 19, Qinhuangdao, Hebei. A lady ordered a takeaway of a potion of duck blood. The duck blood turned into the shape of thin slices after being wrapped and pressed again and again.

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