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On January 19, Japanese media reported that the second anniversary of Wuhan’s closure due to the CCP virus will be celebrated on the 23rd of this month. However, up to this moment, many actions of the CCP on the Wuhan pandemic still make the world doubtful.

In response, the Japanese media cited three suspicions:

Firstly, the South China Seafood Market, where the CCP claimed the virus originated, was neither carefully protected from the CCP’s renewed exposure to virus traceability, nor was it completely dismantled in order to eliminate hidden dangers.

Secondly, whenever an outside journalist wishes to approach the South China Seafood Market, CCP public security officers will reach out to the journalist actively and attempt to dissuade them through false propaganda, making the CCP’s defensiveness evident here.

Finally, since the outbreak of the CCP virus, the number of deaths from the virus in China has remained stagnant at 4,636, an absurd and ridiculous number compared to the number of notified cases worldwide.

According to another Wuhan resident, two of his relatives died in a CCP quarantine hospital at the time of the outbreak, and both died of “lung infections.” But the CCP authorities refused to include the two deaths in the national death toll.

Analysts point out that most of what the Chinese Communist Party has told the world about its response to the outbreak since January 26, 2021, has been illogical and illogical. Both the people of Wuhan and the rest of the world have been unable to get the answers about the origins of the CCP virus to date.

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