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On January 13, according to the CCP media sources, a Uniqlo store in a busy commercial area in Shanghai was put on emergency lockdown by the local government because there had been confirmed cases of the CCP virus.

It is worth noting that this sudden lockdown did not target the Uniqlo store alone, but all people who were in the building at the time. They were restricted from entering and leaving. Because of the emergency lockdown, people inside the building had to use sleeping bags and food from the mall to survive during the lockdown.

Such sudden and widespread blockades in the Communist China are known to occur frequently throughout the country. In the aftermath, local CCP governments often embellish such incidents by giving out gifts or shooting propaganda films. However, according to a Japanese media report on the 19th of this month, although the story of the blockade was grossly distorted by the CCP’s footage, a large number of videos of people panicking due to the blockade are still widely circulating on the Internet. In this regard, analysts pointed out that the CCP’s current policy in dealing with the pandemic is “one infected, the whole building sealed off.” It has no regard for the safety of the Chinese people. The pacification measures to embellish what it has done afterwards are just the usual tactics of the CCP’s foreign propaganda.

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