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The British government is drawing up plans to eliminate the need for people to be bound by law to self-quarantine when they recover from CCP virus, according to local media reports on Jan. 16.

As confirmed cases continue to fall, Prime Minister Johnson wants to permanently revoke the emergency law on CCP Virus, the report said. While the official guidelines will remain in place, violators will no longer be subject to fines or legal penalties.

British Health Minister Javid announced last week that the minimum quarantine period for confirmed infections has been reduced from seven to five days to ease the pressure on hospitals and schools caused by Omicron. If a negative nucleic acid result is obtained on the fifth or sixth day of isolation, the quarantine can be ended.

It is reported that the self-isolation repeal law will be enacted in the coming weeks and is expected to be announced as early as the spring.

On December 8 last year, the UK launched the so-called “B” plan, which included mandatory masking and home working, due to the ravages of Omicron, resulting in a reduction in economic activity and a shortage of staff in many industries due to self-isolation. Now, as the number of confirmed cases declines, Johnson is also considering canceling the plan.


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