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On January 19, local time, according to British media sources, in a statement released on the same day, British Prime Minister Johnson announced that, in light of the ease of new Covid-19 virus (aka the CCP virus) cases in most regions of the UK, major local events would no longer require the use of covid-19 passports since January 27, nor would the British public be required to present their Covid-19 passes to visit public venues. In addition, although people will no longer have to wear masks, the government still advises people to wear masks in enclosed or crowded places. The proposal to work at home, which has been in effect since Dec 13, 2021, will also be lifted.

Johnson also mentioned that the mandatory policy of five-day self-isolation for infected people will also end in the coming weeks, but people still need to be cautious in dealing with the outbreak considering that the pandemic has not yet ended.

Reference: 英国首相宣布取消疫情强制性政策

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