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On January 19, Miles Guo broke the news on air that the Deng Xiaoping family has started to move its huge wealth that has been hidden in Luxembourg for decades, and that this foreshadows the death of the CCP.

Miles explained that Luxembourg is the Vatican of the financial world and the base camp of the CCP for overseas money laundering. The top CCP cadres hid most of their stolen wealth there, including Deng Xiaoping’s family.  As for the Deng family, their huge fortune stashed in Luxembourg has remained untouched for decades, but has recently been used to buy large amounts of gold and futures.

Moving dead money flashed a signal that something big is about to happen to Xi, and the CCP regime is really coming to an end. For this reason, Miles jokingly called this intelligence worth several tons of gold.

In addition, according to Miles, when the New Federal State of China(NSFC) was negotiating cooperation with the most secretive international Luxembourg swamp last week, those bigwigs mentioned that they believed the CCP had created the biochemical virus weapon and had seen that the CCP virus vaccine was killing people, so they were not willing to continue to be in bed with the murderous demon CCP. Instead, they are willing to have their first serious talks with the NFSC to negotiate and start a series of cooperation.

Miles lamented that the NSFC is a popular choice, and that the evil CCP will surely hasten its demise.

Reference: 邓家动用旧时财富预示共产党死期将至

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