Translated by: MOS Gospel Team – linli

The foreign ministers of the 27 EU countries met on the 14th to discuss the current situation. The diplomatic and economic retaliation of small European Lithuania by Communist China is uniting Europe to against Beijing. The EU has raised Communist China’s coercion to the WTO and suggested that the WTO launch a set of new anti-coercion tools to protect the geopolitical interests of EU countries. However, these efforts will take years to bear fruit.

Lithuania is a small Baltic country with a population of just 2.8 million. On November 18, 2021, after Taiwan set up a representative office in the capital of Lithuania under the name “Taiwan”, relations between Lithuania and Communist China deteriorated rapidly. Both sides recalled ambassadors and diplomatic relations were downgraded. Beijing has launched trade retaliation against Lithuania. The Lithuanian government says the retaliatory measures taken by China have caused huge economic losses to Lithuanian companies. Whether Lithuania can withstand Communist China’s retaliation, the answer lies in whether the EU can stand with Lithuania against Communist China. In fact, other European countries’ companies also have been coerced by Communist China, not just Lithuania only.

Compared with giant Communist China, even Lithuania is tiny but they have stood up to support Taiwan against Communist China. The EU has been trembling under the threat of Communist China, but cowardice never will soften their evil ambitions. Communist China will continue to destroy the world therefore the EU can only unite to fight against Communist China together.


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