Translated by: MOS Education Team – Chimeiwangliang

Picture Source: Associated Press

On January 17, in view of the numerous CCP virus Omicron cases emerging in Japan that are still people vaccinated with two doses of CCP vaccines, the Japanese government plans to suspend the vaccine and testing system.

According to Kyoto News Agency, the Japanese government plans to suspend the ongoing vaccine and testing system on the same day, and a final decision is expected to be made at the meeting of the Basic Response Policy Group as soon as the 19th. Due to the strong infectiousness of Omicron strains and the large number of cases of infection even after two doses of vaccination, the National Governor and experts strongly demanded that the government should adjust the system.

According to the report, the vaccine and testing system was implemented in November last year, stipulating that people can only participate in multi-person activities and dinners after receiving two doses of vaccines or a negative test certificate, and aiming to restrict people’s freedom of movement and induce them to be vaccinated.


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