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In the Grand Live broadcast on January 9th, 2022, Miles Guo mentioned how the CCP controls the US and Mess up the EU both through manipulating Africa. Based on decades of costly collaborations with Africa through the “BGY” means, the CCP’s intention is to colonize and hold African countries’ economy in captivity; to internationally ballot political votes and buy support from these African countries. In addition, the CCP is utilizing the African countries to achieve the CCP’s shameless & dirty ploys.

The first is to control the United States through Africa. The CCP instigated, incited, financed and schemed the “BLM” movements through its Embassy/Consulates and Chinese organizations in the United States, to achieve the “3F Plan” of disrupting and weakening the United States to eventually overtake them.

The second is to disrupt the European Union. The CCP imposed its unparalleled corruptions into African countries, to further the gap between the Rich and the Poor, this turned a lot of Africans into refugees. This is all to disturb the European social order, create antagonisms and conflicts between governments and the people, finally weakening the European Union.

The last is to humiliate the Chinese. The CCP colleges recruited many male African students from African countries, provided full scholarships and generous living expenses to them with the money of ordinary Chinese, and allocated several female buddy students to accompany them all the way. However, the poor students from ordinary Chinese families who study hard in poor conditions go to college at their own expense. The vast contrast formed in all these aspects considerably destroyed their views of the world’s value and self-confidence, extinguishing their dream. The CCP’s arbitrary enforcement behavior disgraces the youngsters with tremendous negative consequences. 

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