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On January 14th, 2022, a top professional ethics evaluation agency for lawyers in the United States determined that the case of Taiping Alliance vs Miles Guo (which was accepted by the New York court five years ago) was a serious violation of professional ethics by two American killer barristers. Disqualified as attorney. This is the first verdict in favor of Miles in this case in five years.

On January 17th, the live steam of the New Federal State of China detailed to the world the truth of the five-year-long legal unrestricted war, in which the Taiping Alliance sued Miles and the plaintiffs provided hundreds of thousands of pages of false evidence.

First of all, the New York court breached the cause of action. The negotiation and execution of the relevant contract were in Communist China and Hong Kong. Both parties involved in the contract were also living in Communist China and Hong Kong at the time; also happened to live in a house purchased by a family fund in New York. On the day the CCP issued a red notice against Miles through Interpol, the court accepted that the case should not have been accepted.

An unconventional start to the legal routine means there must be something fishy going on. This is evident by the subsequent frenzied behavior of the JPL and its lawyers. Since the cause of action in the case was in both the CCP and Hong Kong, the court could only rely on the supporting information provided by both sides. Thus, the JPL used two despicable tactics: blasphemy and fabrication, submitting a large amount of false evidence to the court, including imitation of Miles’s signature and forged emails. The second tactic was to mentally destroy Miles by providing a large number of information documents to implement the legal overreach war. Among them, the supporting information submitted for just one motion amounted to more than 10,000 pages.

So far, it’s jaw-dropping, but it’s not the height of its moral depravity. As a lawyer who best understands the law, he has put aside legal common sense, trampled on professional ethics, and ignored the conflict of interests of the supreme American law. The Cahill Law Firm, which replaced the former lawyers of the Taiping Alliance, is the law firm that has been representing GTV for a long time. In the meantime, too much sensitive information about Miles was naturally obtained. This is undoubtedly very unfavorable to Miles’ side in the whole court hearing. In the case of conflicts of interest between the parties involved, professional ethics will make lawyers voluntarily dismiss the agency relationship. On the contrary, the lawyers of the Taiping Alliance actively played their role of losing professional ethics in the case. In the proceedings so far, the judge has not allowed Miles to speak or challenge the evidence provided by the Taiping Alliance.

Even though, in the United States, where the law believe in paramount, The court in New York is crashed.

In this grand livestream, Miles personally reported that Sun Lijun, who has been detained by the CCP, had threatened Miles that he would be rendered homeless. The law firm representing the JPL in its lawsuit against Miles has offices in Shanghai and Beijing’s high-class CBD in the CCP. The judge in the case, Barry Ostrager, was a partner at the U.S. law firm Saxon for 25 years before he took public office. The law firm also has an office in Beijing. A lawyer and a judge, both with inextricable ties to the CCP.

As we all know, the laws of the CCP are just for show, and the black hands of the CCP have crushed the word “law” to pieces. Now, these black hands are reaching out to the United States. Miles has personally experienced what it’s like to use this case, which is likely to become a legal textbook for the future, to warn the world that justice is no more until the CCP is destroyed!

These bizarre relationships and the dark secrets behind them can’t be explained in a few pages. Readers are strongly encouraged to check out this edition of Miles’ Grand Livestream.

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