Miles Guo

What Hao Haidong brother just said, this is a law, not an executive order

This word is huge, Do you know?

The result of our suffering today is that all the decisions of the Communist Party are executive orders instead of laws

In countless interviews with Hao Haidong brother in the past live broadcasts

none of us has paid attention to this sentence

I specifically explained to foreigners about (the relationship between the CCP’s) executive orders and laws

You know that 99% of them did not know what’s going on with the executive orders and laws

There are no executive orders ( substitute the laws) in foreign countries

This is our basic foundation

Why? (If) Shovel CCP Rider (guest speaker) is in China

you, a lawyer suffering and with a deep hatred

would be stayed by aside, right? Your identity is not even as good as a hooker

Because the executive order can deny everything of you as a lawyer

you would have no dignity

The lawyers in China can be bought with money

but it is absolutely impossible in the United States and the United Kingdom

Let me tell you

We have spent hundreds of millions of legal fees a year

Wishing to have a lawyer tell any lie

or to defend you without facts is absolutely impossible!

Long Island (guest speaker) brother has seen that the most awesome individuals in our office are the lawyers

just like the kings, they are more powerful than me

But what do CCP Chinese really think of lawyers?

It’s not even as good as a hooker, which can at least get money

The lawyers sometimes don’t get paid for legal fees

It is a common phenomenon in China that lawyers seek legal fees from their client, and there are also discounts

In a foreign country, it’s impossible

This is the core of what Hao Haidong brother said

It’s the law and absolutely cannot be changed

Also, about the UK

This is his (Hao Haidong) another awesomeness

See what he said which had paid attention to the key points

What we have said since our whistleblower movement till today

as long as the United States makes a decision

let’s start with the vaccine

I said that as long as the United States moves

the whole world will follow, and there is no choice

Yesterday, my wife asked me, how many companions and allies of the United States are there in this world?

I said more than 200 countries in the world

and 60% of the population

As long as you have money, power, and laws, you are all companions of the United States

Am I right? All are his companions, his allies

This is the core of what Hao Haidong Brother just said earlier

Original Video Title:In CCP China all actions are based on executive orders
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