1. On January 17, the commonly used COVID-19 test kits in the Western world are MADE IN CHINA, but why are these kits banned in the Communist China?
  2. January 18, Wenzhou, Zhejiang. All the personnel in the underground commercial plaza of the railway station were notified by the government to undergo nucleic acid testing. The testing site is crowded. Where are the social distancing rules?
  3. Some communities in Tianjin were told by the government that they had to go to another place for quarantine, and the entire residents of the community were carried away by buses. The people were tossed around like livestocks, and the people’s grievances are at boiling level.
  4. January 18, Xi’an, Shaanxi. The local lockdown has lasted for a month. Even if citizens are allowed to go out every two days to buy daily necessities, they are not allowed to spend more than two hours. People’s freedom is severely restricted.
  5. During the pandemic, the power of the state apparatus has increased dramatically. Police on the streets can arbitrarily take coercive measures against ordinary people in the name of epidemic prevention and control.
  6. In rural areas where the population is not densely populated, an old man was knocked down and arrested by law enforcement officers because he didn’t wear a mask.
  7. On January 18, due to the confirmed cases in Guangdong, people traveling from Guangdong Province to other provinces were forced into quarantine at their own expense. 
  8. The government’s propaganda requires citizens to do nucleic acid testing, and testing has become a more important daily routine than dining for average citizens who do not do nucleic acid testing will be unable to do anything.
  9. January 17, Guangzhou, Guangdong. A person collapsed to the ground convulsing suddenly while riding a motorcycle, it’s suspected of being a symptom of the after-effects of vaccination.
  10. Even though the CCP has fully enacted the two-child, three-child policy, judging from the CCP’s recent population growth report, the CCP’s brutal family planning policy has led to an irreversible decline in the population of mainland China.

Edited by:【Himalaya London Club UK】