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Most of the cryptocurrencies on the market do not have a payment system. The fact that has been long forgotten is Bitcoin is relying on a third party for its payment system, as its decentralized nature and individualized payment after the transaction on the exchange. However, they can’t have a future without a global payment system. This is why the Hpay is playing a crucial role between HDO and HCN. Nevertheless, Himalaya Exchange may issue centralized, characteristic gold coins or encrypted paper money in the future. This is also fiat money. Everyone should understand that Himalaya Exchange can issue decentralized currency in a second just like Bitcoins, with its same features.  This is in the public blockchain. The private blockchain is Hcoin. What’s next after that? It is a decentralized currency that can be used within a certain area. The Himalaya Exchange is a cryptocurrency-issuing institution.

You need to understand its concept. The Himalaya Exchange is a legitimate institution for issuing currencies. The currency could be in the form of centralized coins or decentralized coins. Even it can be a digital currency or encrypted paper gold coins. This is just the beginning of your bright future. When you wake up one day, those who invest in the Himalaya Exchange could receive whatever currency the exchange issued. Brothers and sisters, regardless of the duration of the broadcast, it still can’t explain many things that you don’t know in the reality, but you must see the actions and fulfilment, taken by the New Federal State of China, as well as the promises made to God and follow fighters. If there is no New Federal State of China, we are nobody.  This is the truth that can be understood by my wife. Our fellow fighters own 600 million Hcoins. But our goal is to protect our fellow fighters.  Once our follow fighters are united, the Himalaya Exchange will become more powerful, and we could own this bright future. However, the induvial decisions could jeopardize this and put all of us at risk. My dear brothers and sisters, you must understand this. 


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