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1.CCP Ministry of Commerce: The Elimination of Tariff Increases Is in The Fundamental Interests of Consumers and Producers in China and the US

At regular press conference held by the Ministry of Commerce on 20th, January, a member of the media asked what the Ministry of Commerce had to say about the fact that on Wednesday, U.S. time, Biden said at the conference that he was not ready to cancel the tariffs imposed by his predecessor. In response, the CCP Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shuang Jue-ting said that China has always believed that the removal of tariff increases is good for China, good for the United States and good for the world. Especially in the current inflationary situation, the elimination of tariff increases is in the fundamental interests of consumers and producers in China and the United States, and is conducive to the recovery of the world economy.

Comment: As evidenced by the U.S. government’s talk of tariffs and CCP’s response, the intelligence of the NFSC was once again verified to be accurate, and both sides began to lay the groundwork for action in terms of public opinion.

2.Sunac Paid Off Two Domestic Open Market Products of Approximately $4.25 Billion As Scheduled

According to the information obtained by the reporter from the source, the 2016 non-public issue of corporate bonds (Phase I) of Sunac Real Estate Group Limited (bond abbreviation: 16Rongdi01) with a maturity of 5+1+1 years, which will be redeemed on January 24, 2022, will pay off the principal of the resale portion, and Sunac has transferred the principal and interest of this resale portion to the account of CSRC in full yesterday (January 19). The principal and interest of the resale portion were fully transferred to the account of CSI yesterday (January 19). Shenwan Hongyuan-Rongchuang Group Receivables Asset-Backed Special Plan (bond abbreviation: 21 Rongchuang You), which is managed by Shenwan Hongyuan, has a maturity of 1 year and will be due for payment on February 9, 2022.

Comment: First of all, this debt payment is domestic and not foreign, the authenticity of which is in doubt, most likely to appease the Chinese people in order to further deceive them. Secondly, even if it is true, this amount is pathetically small compared to the total debt of Sunac.

3.CCP Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: Ensure That This Year’s Grain Sowing Area is Stable at 1.76 Billion Mu

On January 20, Pan Wenbo, director of the Department of Plantation Management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said at the conference that the Central Economic Work Conference and the Central Rural Work Conference both emphasized that securing a good supply of primary products is a major strategic issue, and that the bottom-line task of securing a good supply of food and important agricultural products is not to be missed. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will resolutely implement the central decision and deployment, do everything possible to grasp the grain production, to ensure that grain production continues to maintain at more than 1.3 trillion pounds, the Chinese people’s rice bowl firmly in their own hands.

Comment: The Chinese Communist Party is buying up grain all over the world, almost 60% of which is bought by Chinese businessmen, and brainwashing the Chinese people at home.

4.Jinghua Pharmaceuticals Stock Freezes at Upper Limit for 14 days in 21 Trading Days, Denying Having Products for New Covid Testing or Treatment

On January 20, Jinghua Pharmaceuticals Stock Freezes at Upper Limit. Since December 22, 2021, Jinghua Pharmaceuticals freezes at upper limit for 14 days in 21 trading days, up 246.83%. Analysis says that the recent new crown treatment overlay plus the concept of traditional Chinese medicine is the reason why Jinghua Pharmaceuticals is hotly sought after by funds. However, in response to investor questions, Jinghua Pharmaceuticals denied having products for new crown testing or treatment.

Comment: No conspiracy theories, but no coincidences either. The rise of this stock fits perfectly with and the call for a Communist vaccine economy. This denial confirms exactly the opposite message.

5.CCP Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs: 2021 Grain Production of 6,828.5 billion Kg, a Record High

Today, the State New Office held a press conference to introduce the economic operation of agriculture and rural areas in 2021.The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Chief Agronomist, Director of the Department of Development Planning Zeng Yande, introduced another bumper crop of grain and agricultural production, to ensure that the basis of national food security consolidation to good, record high grain production. 2021 grain sown area of 1.764 billion mu, an increase of 12.95 million mu over the previous year, mu yield of 387 kg, an increase of 4.8 kg, the output of 136.57 billion jin, an increase of 267.7 billion Jin on a high base Billion pounds.

Pig production fully recovered, and by the end of 2021, the national breeding sow inventory was 43.29 million, with capacity returning to a reasonable level. Annual pork production was 52.96 million tons, up 28.8% over the previous year, basically reaching the historical normal year level. At the same time, beef and lamb production increased by 4.1% over the previous year, milk production increased by 7.1%, and aquatic products production increased by more than 2%. Sufficient supply of vegetables and fruits, the annual vegetable area is expected to 320 million mu, production of 750 million tons, fruit production of more than 290 million tons, the market supply is guaranteed.

Comment: Two facts, one is the frequent natural disasters throughout China, the floods in Henan and Shanxi, and the second fact, the massive purchase of grain by the Chinese Communist Party around the world. Based on these two facts, would you still believe that such news is true?

6.Chinese Yuan Closes at Nearly Four-Year High with Mid-Price, Helped by Slightly Lower U.S. Indexes and Long Settlement Bias

The yuan against the U.S. dollar spot on Thursday with the intermediate price closed at a new high of nearly four years. Traders said the market still has more demand for foreign exchange settlement before the holiday, while the rise in U.S. bond yields took a break and the U.S. index was slightly lower during the day, all of which helped the yuan maintain a strong trend and is estimated to remain stable before the Chinese New Year.

They also said that the central bank on Thursday, the general reduction of LPR, which is a continuation of this week’s MLF rate cut, the impact on the swap is not significant, the Spring Festival approaching swap long demand may increase, is expected to continue to pressure on the long end after the holiday; in addition to wait for the post-holiday settlement demand weakened, the divergence of monetary policy in China and the United States may cause some pressure on the spot exchange rate.

Comment: NFSC tells the truth about the CCP’s offshore and onshore renminbi and why the RMB exchange rate is manipulated. This kind of news is the Chinese Communist Party manipulating people’s mind.

7.Overseas Creditors: Evergrande Failed to Actively Communicate and Resolve Risks, Considering Enforcement Measures to Safeguard Rights

The special group of overseas bondholders issued on behalf of China Evergrande and its subsidiaries said on Thursday that it did not see any substantial progress in “actively communicating with overseas creditors and formulating a feasible overseas restructuring plan for all stakeholders” or “actively communicating with creditors to safeguard the legal rights and interests of all parties” as stated in Evergrande’s previous announcement by the Stock Exchange. The press release of the special group of holders said that it did not see any substantial progress of “actively communicating with overseas creditors and formulating a feasible overseas restructuring plan for all stakeholders” or “actively maintaining communication with creditors, striving to resolve the Group’s risks and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of all parties” as stated in the previous announcement of the Stock Exchange.

The press release from the special group of holders said that despite the special group of holders’ efforts to engage in substantive dialogue with Evergrande, it has so far received only vague assurances of intent lacking in detail and substance. “The (Evergrande) Group’s continued disregard for foreign creditors and the legitimate rights of foreign creditors is evident and is a significant departure from the Group’s previous public statements.” The special group of holders believes that it has no choice but to seriously consider enforcement measures and has hired the offshore law firm Harneys for this purpose; it is prepared to take all necessary actions to defend its legal rights and safeguard its legitimate interests.

Comment: This news once again confirms the accuracy of the NFSC’s intelligence, the Chinese Communist Party is not afraid of foreign debt default, he only needs to deal with domestic debt to ensure it does not cause widespread social unrest.

8.SWIFT: RMB International Payments Ranked in The Top Four Again Last December since More Than Six Years Ago

According to the latest report by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), the share of RMB international payments rose to 2.70% in December 2021 from 2.14% in November, the highest level since September 2015 and just one step away from 2.79% in August 2015; the global ranking of RMB international payments rose to fourth place again after more than six years.

SWIFT provided a press release showing that the value of RMB payments rose by 34.6% in December compared to November, while the overall value of global payments increased by only 6.44% during the same period; excluding the international payments ranking in the euro zone, the RMB maintained its sixth position in December with a share of 1.91%, compared to 1.38% in November.

Comment: In China, the Chinese people are simply unaware that the RMB is not circulating overseas and that RMB payments are actually converted to payments via the US dollar. This kind of news can really only mislead the people to think how great the RMB is.

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