This is a new era of currency that has arrived. The arrival of the new coin and digital financial system. Has set a good example of the standard template.

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights】 2022.1.17 The Himalaya Exchange and the H-coin Will Overturn the Financial Ecosystem of the Humanity


Today I can tell you all is that there are still 20% [of gold]. That is set aside, there is never going to be another in the world, even more so it is governed and bound by many laws and constraints. And at the base, this is a stabilized coin (the H-Dollar), allows you to exchange for money up to a zero balance. That is why now there are dozens of countries in discussion about licenses for the Himalaya Exchange. They say that what you are displaying now is something that does not exist in any cryptocurrency systems.

Remember that! The design of this system is an astonishing creation by Qi Ge (Miles). Secondly, the legality of this system is the best. Thirdly, the legal basis is set to be [as applicable] worldwide. The legal security is superior. There is one more thing. The stability of this reserve system is the strongest. Another thing is the annual limit is to be issued is at 1 billion coins.

Let me tell everyone, the coins in the upcoming year and the year after. How many people would like to buy them? Can you imagine that? So, when you first look at crypto coins, it is not about how good we are. We need to decide within a year, less than a couple of months with the release of H-coin on the market. We need to decide who is going to regulate these rules. Our most important requirement in the world of digital currency.

We need to be involved in the world’s regulations of cryptocurrency. That is why the 3-year lockup of our fellow fighters’ coins. Your credibility and the market being built in these 3 years [are essential]. By then when Xiao Fei Xiang spends it, whether it is 40 coins or 400, she can spend it at any place in the world. And when the H-Pay is up and running this month, which allows you to pay among each other.

You will feel that this is a new era of currency that has arrived. The arrival of the new coin and digital financial system. Has set a good example of the standard template. These are our values, and it is not what you hype after speculating the ups and downs. That is the core. My brothers and sisters,cryptocurrency, H-Coin and Himalaya Exchange will completely change the financial system and ecosystem of mankind and change the rules of the game. And the New Federal State of China will be tightly connected to the population around the world.

When the CCP loses the 1.4 billion slaves and without representing the so-called legal representative status of the Chinese people. Without these leeks in China [for harvest], without the RMB, they (the CCP) are less than a strand of hair. They cannot even stay for a minute. They depend on this tactic.

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