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The nation of El Salvador, led by pro-life President Nayib Bukele, is handing out COVID medicine packages that contain the controversial but effective treatment ivermectin as well as zinc and other drugs.

The packages are being given to COVID patients, their families, and to people in areas of the high prevalence of infection.

Despite pressure from international medical organizations that have sought to suppress ivermectin usage, the Salvadoran Ministry of Health has continued to include the medication, which has proved to be effective in the early treatment of COVID in many countries.

One elderly COVID patient from Illinois who spent 22 days on a ventilator was discharged from the hospital and made a full recovery after a court order forced the hospital to administer the drug.

Currently, only 50 percent of Salvadoran citizens are fully vaccinated with an abortion-tainted jab, and the country boasts an infection rate of only 12 infections per 100 thousand people, as opposed to 1,662 infections per 100 thousand in the United States, which has a much higher vaccination rate.

Comments: Ivermectin, which can cure diseases and save lives, has been banned by almost all medical organizations internationally, yet, the experimental mRNA vaccines which are killing people right now are highly respected globally. Isn’t this against common sense and logic?

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